Meet the Team


Kristy Carey is a creative whose design focus is jewelry.  Starting in 2010, she has continued to grow her talents by learning new ways to make what she calls pretties.  With the goal of bringing accessories out of the role of the backup and into the lead, she uses anything and everything to create.  Every piece is one of a kind and unique, often utilizing old, broken and rusted jewelry or odds and ends she picks up off the ground.  Someday, Kristy hopes to see her jewelry on the red carpet or better yet, in a movie for all to see.

  • Photography services of many kinds! Cosplay, Pin-up, Boudoir, product modeling, and many other styles by request.


  • I am a part of Northwest Nerd Alliance and Darling Dollys pinup academy at the moment 🙂 And am looking forward to more voice acting and con gigs!
  • I am an Anime freak, cheerleader, dancer, actress, artist ♥



At 21 years old I had never attended a con, never cosplayed, and honestly my nerd knowledge was very much lacking in all subjects. So what was a girl to do?

Dive head first into the community, duh! That was back in 2011, since then I’ve attended cons all over the northwest: Emerald City Comicon, Sakura Con, PAX Prime, RadCon, SpoCon, KuroNekoCon, Palouse Comicon, and Spokane Comicon…and I hope to add even more!!! I’ve turned myself into a cosplaying fool, and significantly broadened my nerdy interests. This community is amazing and has been encouraging and most can’t believe I’ve only been around for a few years. I love my friends that have become more like family that are always wanting to show up and teach me new things!

In 2013 I found my love for cosplay competitions. While my first trip to the stage turned out disastrous. I have since turned it around to win a few awards, including the Novice Division at RadCon 2014 for my San cosplay and the Masters Division at KuroNekoCon’s Cosplay Fashion Show in 2014 for my Articuno cosplay. I look forward to adding to my awards and pushing myself to become a better cosplayer and a better person 🙂


I am a VERSATILE model and love doing many different styles of work. 🙂 I have done fashion, cosplay, commercial, acting, runway, beauty, glamour, pin-up, lingerie, swimsuit, and alternative styles. My favorite styles are the more dark or “alternative” styles like steampunk, Lolita, mori-kei, dark beauty/goth, Japanese street fashion, vintage, and post apocalyptic.

My name is Alaska because my family and I have a special connection to the state. During the summer, I sometimes work as a commercial salmon fisherwoman with my father. It is truly the most beautiful place in the USA. 🙂

I have no tattoos have been known to draw fake ones on myself.

I’m a lovely mix of friendly and awkward, and meeting new people through fashion and art is one of my favorite things. I went to a private university for 4.5 years and obtained a degree in International Business. I studied abroad in Tokyo for 4 months, as well. I’m definitely a nerd. I’ve been told that I make even the most shy people feel comfortable. Basically, I am easy to work with and you should message me about it. 🙂

I believe that my rates are reasonable, and I am always willing to negotiate. I also do limited trade/collaborative work with especially skilled/creative individuals. Do not be afraid to ask.

Traveling is my favorite. I have experience/connections in these places, so they are easy for me to travel to:
Machester/London, UK
Tokyo, Japan
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
Palm Springs, CA

Also, please feel free to leave comments on my photos. Feedback makes me happy!